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Not much is known about Trendelburg’s origins except that it was built by Konrad III in 1300. For a century no single person owned the castle, rather it was shared between the landgrave of Hesse, Hans von Stoghusen, and the bishop of Paderborn. Like many partnerships that spiral downward, the two quarreled so violently, no economic activity could take place in the area and peasants had to hide behind the town walls.

Soldiers during the Thirty Years’ War captured the castle and the town, leaving them in ruins. During the Seven Years’ War in the 18th century, a cannonade of 800 shots rained down on the southeast tower for four hours. French soldiers and later British soldiers captured the castle.

Rebuilt, the castle was used at various times in the 19th century to house invalids, a revenue office, and courthouse. The von Stockhausen family repurchased their ancestral home and restored it according to some old drawings.

Following World War II, US troops and later refugees took lodging at the castle. Hans Ludwig von Stockhausen returned from a Russian POW camp after surviving the Battle of Stalingrad and opened Trendelburg as a hotel—one of the first castle hotels in Germany.

Brought back to its medieval life, the castle is now managed by the Lohbeck family.

Pamela’s Perspective

For active travelers, the area around the Weser River is perfect to explore by bicycle or hiking. You can even travel down the river by boat or canoe. With a little advanced planning, you can arrange to have your luggage delivered from one castle hotel to the next.


Burghotel Trendelburg

A 13th-century castle


Steinweg 1
D-34388 Trendelburg
Tel: ++49 (0) 5675 9090
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Fast facts

4 single rooms
15 double rooms
3 suites

Single rooms: from 110–135 euros
Double rooms: from 155–185 euros
Suites: from 245–275 euros
Rates include breakfast, tax and service

Open: all year

Getting there

Trendelburg is just north of Kassel on route B-83. The nearest train station is at Hofgeismar, 10 km away.

What to do

Nearby: swimming; tennis; hiking; horseback riding; fishing; canoe trips


Registered weddings are conducted in the castle chapel; special ceremony from the Middle Ages can be performed.


From the first moment you lay eyes on Trendelburg Castle, you can’t help but notice all the proper ingredients for a real castle are there: ancient walls, towers, and a drawbridge.

Enormous creativity in converting a wonderful piece of architecture to modern times are evident. A former chapel has been converted into a dining room, and one guest room out in the tower has its bathroom accessible through a wardrobe.

Throughout the castle you’ll find lots of open-beamed ceilings, woodwork, an occasional suit of armor, and antique pieces adorning the white-washed walls.

Taking advantage of its location along the “Fairy Tale Road,” Trendelburg maintains an association with the Grimm Brothers. For fun, the honeymoon tower across from the main building has been dubbed “Rapunzel’s Tower.”

Something special

curlicueMedieval knights banquets in an ancient brick, arched cellar