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German fairy tales paint images of grand, majestic castles rising from the misty woods. Reality will not let you down. German castles are massive affairs, literally found everywhere.

Many German castle hotels are operated by families that have owned them for centuries; some even have a prince or baron as your host. German castle hotels are a good value, and they can suit all tastes and budgets.

Before German unification in the 19th century, Germany was composed of a myriad of tiny countries, each with its own ruler and a castle, fortress, or grand manor house built to demonstrate to outsiders that the sovereign living behind the walls was a power to be reckoned with.

In Germany, over 5000 castles remain standing, certainly a testament to the prowess of the medieval builder, or rather the serf who spent the day breaking and carrying the rocks that went into the construction.

Some great reasons to visit

Every region in Germany is rich in tradition!

curlicue Baden-W├╝rttemberg From the misty depths of the Black Forest to the vineyard- and orchard-covered slopes of Neckar Valley, castles crown every hilltop.

curlicue Bavaria Mad King Ludwig’s fairytale castles and the Romantic Road will enchant you.

curlicue Brandenburg The splendid palaces of Potsdam’s San Souci Park are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

curlicue Hesse Home of the Grimm Brothers, the folk traditions of their books come alive on the Fairy Tale Road.

curlicue Lower Saxony can boast of moors and heaths and the noble Harz Mountains to the east, while lovers of history can step back several centuries to charming Renaissance towns.

curlicue Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is marked by stretches of unspoiled coastline and Hanseatic towns lined with fine townhouses, cathedrals, and town halls. You’ll also find some of Germany’s most beautiful Neo-Renaissance castles.

curlicue North Rhineland-Westphalia Over 100 moated castles and splendid Gothic cathedrals date back over 1000 years to Emperor Charlemagne’s time.

curlicue Rhineland-Palatinate The Rhine River casts a magical spell on all who journey here. Over 500 castles command the region.

curlicue Saxony Castles and palaces, a region of natural wonders known as the Saxon Switzerland, and the cultural treasures of Dresden are just for starters.

curlicue Saxony-Anhalt Most visitors come to Saxony-Anhalt to relax in the Harz Mountains, but the state also offers several interesting towns filled with medieval castles, Romanesque and Gothic churches, and abbeys.

curlicue Thuringia Once the center of Germany’s golden age, Thuringia is fast becoming a popular destination for those interested in culture and history. Wonderful castles, churches, palaces, and abbeys can now be explored, as well as the former haunts of Bach, Wagner, Goethe, and Schiller.