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When is the best time to travel to Austria?

There is no bad time of year to visit Austria. Depending on what you want to do or see, you’ll find something utterly delightful on offer twelve months out of the year.

Please note that many Austrian castle hotels in the countryside are closed during the winter months, reopening around Easter with the exception of the hotels in the Tyrol region and some resort-style hotels, which are open for ski season. Check out the individual hotel listings for details. City palace hotels are open year round.

Spring and fall are delightful seasons. By June, the mountain wildflowers bloom gloriously and people cast off their overcoats; in fall, the theatres and opera houses reopen, the air crackles, and best of all, the wine grapes are harvested. Although Austria is a year-round destination, diminished crowds during spring and fall make for easier hotel reservations, better access to museum sights, and low stress.

Summer Like the rest of Europe, the months of July and August can be crowded and the cities hot. Attractions in Vienna, such as the Opera, Spanish Riding School, and the Vienna Boy’s Choir are closed. But don’t let that deter you! Cruises on the Danube, mountain hiking, sparkling lake resorts in the provinces of Salzburg and Carinthia, and summer music festivals throughout Austria make for a fantastic experience.

Winter World-class skiing and winter sports are in full gear from around mid-December to the beginning of April.( In fact, it’s possible to ski in Austria during the summer on the high-altitude glaciers.) Prices in the ski resorts will be high, less so in the cities, unless it’s Christmas (an enchanting time to be in Vienna or Salzburg). Keep in mind during the winter months that the days are short, so rise early and take advantage of all the daylight you can.