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castle and palace hotels of europe book cover

In 1984 I set off with a EurailPass and only a vague idea that the subject of castle and palace hotels would make for an interesting guidebook.

I returned home to library shelves waiting to be researched and an IBM Selectric II typewriter. No computers or Internet in those days.

The Globe Pequot Press published this original version in 1988.

dreamsleeps book cover

The definitive guide on castle and palace hotels! Dream Sleeps is beautifully done and full of all the hotel details and history you’ll ever need.

Published in 1998 by Carousel Press, if you own a copy, you’ll find updated information here.

odyssey seekers book cover

The Odyssey Seekers: America’s Great Travelers is not a guidebook, but the story of four extraordinary travelers and adventurers.

Superstars of the early 20th century, they brought the earth’s most exotic countries to an enthusiastic public that couldn’t hear enough about their exploits.

Available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. (Also available on Amazon UK, Germany, etc.)

Top 10 San Diego book cover

OK, I know this has nothing to do with castle and palace hotels, but I couldn’t resist writing a book about the city where I was born.

I loved writing this book, which was published in 2005.

Dorling Kindersley is a great publisher. All of their Top 10 books are compact, chock full of information, and reasonably priced.

My translations

a journey to exotic south america book cover

Not your ordinary travel narrative! A Journey to Exotic South America tells the story of Spanish traveler, Jorge Sánchez, during 10 months of travel on this continent.

It is a travel book overflowing with exciting adventures in places so far off the beaten track few people would dare to set foot in them.

Available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. (Also on Amazon UK, Germany, etc.)

meetings with remarkable travelers book cover

I’m not credited with the translation, but it’s mine (and I’m also in the book).

Meetings with Remarkable Travelers narrates the experiences of Spanish traveler, Jorge Sánchez, during his journeys with the best travelers of the world, against a backdrop of exotic locations.

He describes the character and passions of 10 consummate travelers who have demonstrated the heart of exploring every wonder the earth has to offer.

Available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. (Also on Amazon UK, Germany, etc.)