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Can I make hotel reservations on this site?
Yes, through Booking.com, which you’ll find links to on most of the hotel pages, or you can make reservations with the hotel directly. How do I make a reservation?

Do I need to make reservations?
I love the freedom of just showing up wherever and asking for a room when I’m finished with the day. However, that’s not always possible with a castle hotel. Usually in the off-season you can get away with it but not in summer. To avoid disappointment or if there’s a special tower room you have your heart set on, make a reservation.

Anything special I need to know about staying in a castle hotel?
Watch out for castle “annexes” or castle “view” rooms. What this means is that you’re not in the actual castle structure but the modern rooms across the way with a great view of the castle. Although they can be perfectly lovely rooms, if you want to stay in the castle, say so at the time of booking.

Castles are wonderful medieval structures that often soar above the landscape—meaning steps. In most cases, during the time the structure was converted into a hotel, stairs were streamlined and/or elevators were installed. With those hotels where steps may be a particular problem, I’ve made a comment under “Pamela’s Perspective.” You should always check with the castle hotel if you have special needs before you make a reservation.

Accessibility: In Europe there is no standardization for accessibility like there is in the U.S. As a rule of thumb, the larger the castle hotel the more likely it is to find an elevator and a few rooms modified for those who need it. It is always wise to contact the hotel directly with specific questions. Because of the architectural nature of a castle hotel, stairs are not uncommon.

Air-conditioning: More and more European hotels are beginning to install air-conditioning, but you can't count on it, and for 99% of the year, it's not necessary. In some cases, the thickness of the castle walls insulate the interiors. There are a few days in the summer now where even countries like the Netherlands or Germany are beginning to experience really hot days, and at best management will bring a fan to your room. High-end hotels are generally air-conditioned, as are hotels in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Wi-Fi Most hotels now have some sort of Wi-Fi connectivity, but it may only exist in the public areas. If you get a lightening-fast connection in your room, consider yourself lucky.

Can I stay in a castle hotel for a reasonable price?
Yes! Some castle hotels offer charming accommodations with en suite bathrooms for under 100 euros. And if you’re really on a budget, a few youth hostels operate in historic castles.

What’s the average room rate for a castle hotel?
On average about 100-250 euros, depending on the season, the view, and the plumbing.

Are castle and palace hotels accessible by public transportation?
Most of them, yes. On the individual hotel pages I note those hotels that are easily accessible by train or bus. If it’s too complicated, or you’ll have an uphill climb (not fun with luggage or in the rain), I’ll say so. Most hotels are located in gorgeous, scenic countryside with light traffic at best on country roads, making a rental car the ideal means of getting around.

Are some castle hotels not listed for a reason?
Yes. With new ones opening all the time, it could be I haven’t heard of them yet. Please contact me, if I’ve overlooked one. Also, there are a few castle hotels in which the managers/proprietors do not wish any publicity (even free!). Even more surprising, given that they operate in the world of hospitality, there are a couple of proprietors and managers out there who are so downright nasty and rude, I won’t write about their hotels in good conscience.

How come not every region of a country is listed?
The only regions I cover are those that have castle hotels located in them. As the site develops, you’ll see more regions appearing. Thanks for your patience!

Have I personally visited every hotel on this site?
I would love to answer yes to this question. In the course of writing my books and articles on castle and palace hotels, I have visited over 200 of them.

Do the hotels pay me for including them on this site or one in one of my books?
No, never.