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What can I expect at a Belgian castle hotel?

For a country loaded with castles, surprisingly not that many have transitioned into first-rate castle hotels. It’s not hard to find accommodations located inside castles, but it’s almost like the castle is an afterthought instead of the star of the show.

That said, there are exceptions, which you’ll find on this site. You’ll find a range from an elegant palace in the heart of Bruges to a charming moated castle, from dozens of rooms to an intimate few, and from a full-service hotel to a simple bed and breakfast. You can expect clean and comfortable rooms with a wonderfully historic backdrop.

What do I need to know about my room?

Like in neighboring Netherlands, none of the Belgian castle hotels go for all out medieval atmosphere. Guest rooms tend to be more modern in decor than with over-the-top canopy beds, although castle architectural elements are used to an advantage. In a couple of hotels the concept of a double or queen bed is two singles pushed together. Bathrooms are modern also, although I’d say more of them are functional rather than room highlights.

You’ll find few hotels with elevators. If steps are a problem, you might ask for a room on the ground level—if one exists.

Do I need air-conditioning?

Air conditioning isn’t all that common. Not that you need it throughout the year, but there are a few days in summer where you’ll feel the heat. Some hotels do have air conditioning, though. Ask before you book if you’re traveling in the heat of summer.