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I don’t speak French! How will I communicate?

Learn a little French before your trip if at all possible. A few spluttering words will be met more often than not with a gracious smile and appreciation of your efforts. Many French—especially the younger ones—speak some English, at least enough to communicate on a simple level. More out in the countryside, you’re on your own, and on rare occasions you may feel left out in communal dining situations.

Above all, before initiating any conversation or if you’re even asking a question, be sure to acknowledge the person with a “bonjour.” Not to do so is considered rude.

Dont’ despair! In the major tourist areas, the French are used to tourists and are good at anticipating your questions. Don’t let your lack of language skills keep you from having a great adventure! People from all parts of the world travel everywhere and manage just fine. To get you started with reserving your room:

Single room une chambre pour une personne Double room (one bed) une chambre avec un grand lit
Double room (two beds) une chambre à deux lits    
With bath avec salle de bains With shower avec douche
With a balcony avec balcon    
With a view avec vue    
I would like... Je voudrais...
We would like... Nous voudrions...
How much is it per night? Quel est le prix par nuit?
Do you have a less expensive room? Avez vous une chambre moins chère?
Is breakfast included?

Est-ce que le petit déjeuner est compris?

Is service included? Le service est-il inclus?
Are taxes included?

Est-ce que les taxes sont comprises?

I have a reservation. J’ai fait réservé...
...date of arrival (day, month)... du...
...date of departure (day, month)... au...
one night une nuit two nights deux nuits
three nights trois nuits four nights quatre nuits
five nights cinq nuits six nights six nuits
one week une semaine    
Thank you Merci Please S’il vous plaît
Yes Oui No Non