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What can I expect at a German Castle Hotel?

On the whole, German castle hotels are family-run enterprises, with owners who are often descendants of the castle’s earliest princes, barons, and counts. It’s typical in such places to find lots of family memorabilia around that lend quite a bit of character and style. The castle structures are just as real and fun to explore. Most German castle hotels are very family oriented, with a few being more sedate affairs.

Castle hotels are generally located in the countryside, but close distances make it easy to use a single hotel as a base from which to explore the area. Or you can do as many others and stay in a different castle hotel every night!

What do I need to know about my room?

Sometimes you’ll find an annex that’s not part of the hotel but has a view of the castle. Although perfectly fine, opt for a room inside the historic structure. In most castle hotels there’s a room or two with a wonderful four-poster bed and the occasional antique. Suites can be charmingly decorated and full of character.

A double bed is usually two separate mattresses side by side in one frame and covered by two single duvets. If you need separate twin beds, be sure to request this at the time of reservation.

The feudal lords who commissioned the building of a castle didn’t take in mind potential 21st-century guests who might have problems with stairs. If your mobility is restricted or steps are a challenge for you, always ask at the time of reservation what is involved with reaching your room.

A few castle hotels in Germany have rooms without en suite bathroom facilities. These lower-priced rooms are a great opportunity for those on a budget to experience sleeping in a castle. You’ll find the shared bathrooms clean and completely adequate. In guest rooms with en suite bathrooms, spacious, or tiny, bathrooms are often configured around the castle’s architecture—no small feat. Sometimes you’ll get a bath and a shower, sometimes just the shower.

How about breakfast?

Breakfast (Frühstück) German hotel breakfasts are outstanding. Usually served buffet style, you can fill up for the entire day on cold meats, cheeses, eggs, breads, homemade jams, yogurt, juice, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. The best part is that breakfast is almost always included with the price of the room. You’ll usually find a separate breakfast room off the lobby or, if the weather is fine, on an outdoor terrace.

Do I need air-conditioning?

Very few German castle hotels have air-conditioning. There may be a few days in summer when you need it, but generally castle walls are thick enough to keep the temperature cool inside.