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Is it possible to get married in an Irish castle hotel?

The quick answer is no. A wedding venue must be officially licensed by the government. Ashford Castle is one of the few castle hotels that can host a church wedding.

Getting married in Ireland poses no enormous difficulties, but you must plan ahead. Three months written notice of the intention to wed must be filed with the registrar of the district where the marriage will take place.

Civil Marriages

Residency: Both of you need to reside in the area where the marriage will take place for at least 7 consecutive days. Following this residency, you must wait 21 days. After the 21 days and before one calendar year, the marriage may take place.

Registrars will require you to present:

  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Certificate of non-impediment
  4. If divorced, a copy of your Decree Absolute
  5. If widowed, a certificate of the first marriage and a death certificate

Marriages must take place at the registrar’s office. If you wish to exchange vows in an abandoned castle, on the beach, or in a private manor, it can only be a blessing ceremony. A venue must be officially licensed.

Religious marriages

You do not need a separate civil wedding if you also wish to marry in a church. You do not need to fulfill the residency requirement, but you must file a written notice of intent with the Registrar of Marriages in the region you wish to marry at least three months in advance. Each religious denomination may have its own set of requirements, including residency.

For Catholic weddings, contact the parish priest in the district where you wish to marry. You will need to show a “letter of freedom” from your parish or some kind of affidavit declaring your eligibility to marry freely. Paperwork must be completed in your home parish.

Church of Ireland. Either you or your intended must be Anglican or Episcopalian. Contact the church in the area where you wish to marry for further requirements.