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I don’t speak Italian! How will I communicate?

Learn a little Italian before your trip if at all possible. A few spluttering words will be met more often than not with a gracious smile and appreciation of your efforts. Many Italians—especially the younger ones—speak some English, at least enough to communicate on a simple level. More out in the countryside, you’re on your own.

Dont’ despair! Even if you don’t speak a word of Italian, you can communicate more than you think. It seems strange, but it always works out. In the major tourist areas, Italians are used to tourists and are good at anticipating your questions. Don’t let your lack of language skills keep you from having a great adventure! People from all parts of the world travel in countries without knowing a bit of the language and manage just fine. To get you started with reserving your room:

Single room una camera singola Double room (one bed) una camera matrimoniale
Double room (two beds) una camera doppia    
With bath con un bagno With shower con una doccia
With a balcony con una terrazza    
I would like... Vorrei...
We would like... Vorremmo...
A room with a view Una cámera con una vista
I would like to book a room. Vorrei prenotare una cámera.
How much is it per night? Quanto costa per la notte?
Do you have anything cheaper? Ha niente che costa de meno?
Is breakfast included? È compresa la prima colazione?
Is service included? È compreso il servizio?
I have a reservation. Ho una prenotazione.
Date of arrival...(day, month) Data di arrivo
Date of departure...(day, month) Data di partenza
Is a deposit necessary? È necessario un deposito?
one night una notte two nights due notti
three nights tre notti four nights quattro notti
five nights cinque notti six nights sei notti
one week una settimana    
Thank you grazie Please per favore
Yes si No no