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Is it possible to get married in a Dutch castle hotel?

Yes, if you plan ahead.

If the two of you are on a holiday in the Netherlands, having a romantic tryst in a castle hotel, and think: “Let’s get married!” It’s not going to happen. Under Dutch law, one of you must be either a Dutch citizen or a permanent resident.

Setting up residency is time consuming, costly, and bureaucratic. You must contact the IND, or immigration service, to start the paperwork. At first you’ll need a temporary visa, or MVV. You’ll also need to contact the foreign (or alien) police and request an M46 declaration. This is to prove you’re not marrying for convenience.

Once one of you has established permanent residency, you’re now ready to go to the town hall of the town where you live and enter into “ondertrouw,” which is the intent to marry, or banns. You’ll need to bring the following documentation: passport, residence visa, attested birth certificate, proof you are single, and witness forms. You’ll need copies of the passports of your witnesses. Fees vary.

If everything is in order, you have between two weeks and a year to marry.

Only civil ceremonies are recognized in the Netherlands, and they may be conducted in many places, including some castle hotels. You may follow the civil ceremony with the religious one if you wish.

The Netherlands recognizes registered partnerships, which have the same legal consequences as a regular marriage, but do not include parental rights. Same sex marriages are legal, also, but may not be recognized in your home country.