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I don’t speak Portuguese! How will I communicate?

Portuguese can be a tough language to pronounce, but try to learn a few words before you go. Any attempt on your part to speak Portuguese will be warmly received. A few spluttering words will be met more often than not with a gracious smile and appreciation of your efforts. If you’re met with a blank stare, speak in English, followed by any Romance language you may have studied. Try French first, then Spanish.

Portugal has always had a close relationship with Britain, with many British vacationing in the country. In tourist areas English is generally spoken, much less so off the beaten track, and in many places none at all. English is taught in the schools, and a younger person may be able to help you out.

Dont’ despair! Even if you don’t speak a word of Portuguese, you can communicate more than you think. It seems strange, but it always works out. In the major tourist areas, the Portuguese are used to tourists and are good at anticipating your questions. Don’t let your lack of language skills keep you from having a great adventure! People from all parts of the world travel in countries without knowing a bit of the language and manage just fine. To get you started with reserving your room:

Single room um quarto individual Double room (one bed) um quarto de matrimonial/cama de casal
Double room (two beds) um quarto de duplo    
With bath com casa de banho With shower com chuveiro
With a balcony com terraço    
With air-conditioning com ar condicionado    
With a view com vista    
I would like... Quero...
A quiet room Um quarto tranquilo
I would like to book a room. Quero fazer una reserva para um quarto.
How much is it per night? Quanto é por noite?
Do you have anything cheaper? Tem qualquer coisa mais barato?
Is breakfast included? O pequeno almoço está incluido?
Is service included? O serviço está incluido?
Is tax included? O imposto está incluido?
Is there a charge to park the car? Há uma carga para estacionar o carro?
I have a reservation. Tenho uma reserva.
Date of arrival...(day, month) A data da chegada.
Date of departure...(day, month) A data da partida.
Is a deposit necessary? É um depósito necessario?
one night uma noite two nights duas noites
three nights três noites four nights quatro noites
five nights cinco noites six nights seis noites
one week uma semana    
Thank you obrigado; obrigada (said by a female) Please por favor
Yes sim No não