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Is it possible to get married in a Portuguese castle hotel?

Weddings in Portugal are quite lengthy affairs; stamina is the keyword. Any of the castle and palace hotels are well-equipped to host any sort of reception you wish.

Types of weddings in Portugal

Portuguese law recognizes both religious and civil marriages as legal. All marriages need authorization from the civil authorities. For religious marriages, documentary requirements from one’s religious denomination may be required as well. Marriages in the Catholic Church can include the civil ceremony. Allow several weeks to fulfill the paperwork requirements for both civil and church weddings.

Civil marriages

The Civil Registry (Conservat├│rias do Registo Civil) handle civil marriages. You must use the registry in the district where you claim residency. To marry in Portugal you must meet the following requirements:

If married previously, you must provide proof of the termination of the marriage by either a divorce decree or death certificate.

All documents must be translated into Portuguese and certified by a Portuguese notary public. Embassies do not offer translation services but can provide a list of translators.

Catholic marriages

To marry in the Catholic Church you must provide the following documents:

All original copies must be sent to the Portuguese Curia.

Anglican churches in Portugal are not licensed to perform marriages. You must have the civil ceremony first.

Many people opt for symbolic wedding ceremonies or religious blessings.

Before leaving Portugal, you must stop by the Procuradoria Geral da Rep├║blica, Rua Escola Politecnica, No. 140, Lisboa, to have your Portuguese marriage documents certified. This is your proof of marriage once you leave the country.