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Is it possible to get married in a Spanish castle hotel?

Yes. In the private castles. Paradors that are converted castles and palaces generally, as a rule, do not have the facilities to perform a wedding ceremony, but they can put on a lovely reception and facilitate your big day. Check the individual hotel listings on this site for a notation if a wedding ceremony can be performed in the castle.

Types of weddings in Spain

Unlike other countries in Europe, Spanish law recognizes both religious and civil marriages as legal. Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, and Jewish marriages are valid. All marriages need authorization from the civil authorities. For religious marriages, documentary requirements from one’s religious denomination may be required as well.

Whether you have a religious or a civil marriage in Spain, allow some months to ensure all the paperwork is completed. There are plenty of stories out there that the snail-pace of Spanish bureaucracy has caused the delay and/or cancellation of many weddings. It’s better to overestimate the amount of time the paperwork will take and be pleasantly surprised if you’re given the go-ahead sooner than anticipated.

Rules and procedures differ from region to region in Spain. Some regions, or autonomous communities, may have different residency requirements. It’s strongly suggested to consult with the regional authorities in the location where you wish to marry.

Religious marriages

For a religious ceremony, you must obtain authorization from the civil authorities by presenting the requirements as mentioned below for a civil ceremony.

If you are a Catholic you will need:

Civil marriages

In Madrid, application must be made to the Civil Registry at Calle Pradillo, 66. Outside of Madrid, you must apply at the District Court. You will need: